Sam Kitch

Experimental Spatial Capture
Dynamic + Immersive Storytelling


I am a practice-based researcher and lecturer in Transmedia Storytelling for Illustration Animation at Kingston University, London. My work revolves around dynamic storytelling through interaction design, particularly within social and cultural contexts.
I explore the poetic potential of remote sensing technology as a means to augment forgotten landscapes and reconstruct collective memory.

With extensive experience in public-facing live projects, I have collaborated with stakeholders, arts councils, and local communities. My practice advocates for intentionally repurposing volumetric capture tools in visual communication design, fostering relationships with technology that embrace indeterminacy over exact representation.

Lost For(\r)est    
Here We Are    
Digital Monoliths    
Sublime Temporality    
Visualising Sound    
H0ly Ωsland    
British Steel    
Go Local    

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Academic Profile  


Publication and Exhibition
2023 Visual Ethnography 3 Day Workshop, PGR Colloquium 5, TECHNE funded, Kingston School of Art, Penrhyn Road

2021 Broadcast of interview and PhD research and design Practice publication, BBC Look North

2018 Royal College of Art: Show 2018, Westworks, White City, London
Explain Yourself Publication. Show Yourself / Content Free,
Royal College of Art Grad Show Publication, Royal College of Art,
Work In Progress Show Installation, Royal College of Art, White City, London

2017 The Varley Award Finalist, Royal College of Art Graphic Humanities Exhibition, Royal College of Art, Hockney Gallery, London

2016 Brighton Show, The Laundry Building, London Fields, London
Brighton Show 2016 Publication, Brighton University, Brighton
Brighton Grad Show, Brighton University, Grand Parade, Brighton

2015 Best Student Book Finalist, British Book Awards, London

Typographer of the Year Award, Brighton University, Grande Parade
In Through the Outdoor Exhibition, Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade, Brighton
Cause An Effect Publication, British Book Design and Production Awards, London

2014 The Homework Club Exhibition, Circus Street Market, Brighton The Homework Club Publication, Brighton University, Grande Parade

2024 Technology and Co-Creation with Rifke Sadleir, MA Illustration Animation
Disciplinary Spaces: Methods Vs Methodology - The Triangulation, MA Illustration Animation
Own the Process - Group Action Sets, MA Illustration Animation
Iteration, MA Illustration Animation

2023 Reconstructed Archives with Wimbledon Manor Houses: Remote Sensing + Found Footage, BA L5 & L6 Illustration Animation
3D Isn’t Scary: Experimental Capture, BA L5 Illustration Animation
Document + Interpret: Introduction to Volumetric Capture, MA Illustration Animation
Translate + Facilitate: Transmedia Approaches, MA Illustration Animation
Curate: Transmedia Dissemination, MA Illustration Animation
Visualising Auto Ethnography, MA Illustration Animation
Cause An Effect, MA Illustration Animation
Visual Archive, MA Illustration Animation
Volumetric Capture, MA Illustration Animation
Dynamic Storytelling, MA Illustration Animation
Community of Practice, MA Illustration Animation
Visual Histories, MA Illustration Animation