Sam Kitch

Experimental Spatial Capture
Dynamic + Immersive Storytelling


I am a practice-based researcher and lecturer in Transmedia Storytelling for Illustration Animation at Kingston University, London. My work revolves around dynamic storytelling through interaction design, particularly within social and cultural contexts.
I explore the poetic potential of remote sensing technology as a means to augment forgotten landscapes and reconstruct collective memory.

With extensive experience in public-facing live projects, I have collaborated with stakeholders, arts councils, and local communities. My practice advocates for intentionally repurposing volumetric capture tools in visual communication design, fostering relationships with technology that embrace indeterminacy over exact representation.

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Here We Are    
Digital Monoliths    
Sublime Temporality    
Visualising Sound    
H0ly Ωsland    
British Steel    
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Here We Are

            Here We Are x Arnott + Kitch 2018 — Royal College of Art Grad Show

‘Here We Are’ explores the tensions between humanity and technology, and the intrinsic desire to use the hand as a tool of communication. Cave paintings, which have endured for thousands of years, illuminate the temporal nature of contemporary communication. Through discourse, humanity has transitioned into a society that communicates predominantly through a digital lens.

The work features an interactive table that invites audiences to experience technology as nothing technological. By integrating analogue and digital mediums, 'Here We Are' playfully reveals the fundamental and systematic structures that dominate contemporary society. This project underscores the contrast between enduring, tactile forms of communication and the ephemeral nature of digital interaction.

200cm x 150 cm. Wood. Perspex, Sand, Light Projection and Ipad.