Sam Kitch

Experimental Spatial Capture
Dynamic + Immersive Storytelling


I am a practice-based researcher and lecturer in Transmedia Storytelling for Illustration Animation at Kingston University, London. My work revolves around dynamic storytelling through interaction design, particularly within social and cultural contexts.
I explore the poetic potential of remote sensing technology as a means to augment forgotten landscapes and reconstruct collective memory.

With extensive experience in public-facing live projects, I have collaborated with stakeholders, arts councils, and local communities. My practice advocates for intentionally repurposing volumetric capture tools in visual communication design, fostering relationships with technology that embrace indeterminacy over exact representation.

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Digital Monoliths

            Digital Monoliths — 2017 Royal College of Art WIP Show

Stonehenge, situated on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, is believed to be a Neolithic celestial observatory. It was constructed during a time when technological interventions in the landscape facilitated shared experiences and fostered a tradition of communal heritage.
Today, our understanding of ancient sites is often experienced in isolation, mediated through digital platforms and media. Remote sensing methods can translate these digital experiences into physical space, treating hardware as handcraft and data as material.

'Digital Monoliths' is an immersive installation that uses data gathered online from visitors to Stonehenge in 2018 to offer a sensory re-encounter with the site. The installation includes cloth monoliths and mirrors that project light corresponding to sentiments expressed on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

200 cm x 300 cm. Canvas, Wood, Mirrors and Light Projection.